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6 Important Aspects of Writing a Good Story

The Importance of a Good Plot

Key Idea: The most important thing in a story is not the plot, but the characters.

Summary: The best play ever written is based on a simple idea. If you look at it closely, you’ll see that it’s not complicated, and that the author has made it great by treating it in a clever way.

  1. The Simple Idea
  2. The play is built on a simple idea.

  3. The Elementary Foundation
  4. The foundation of the play is elementary.

  5. The Clever Treatment
    1. The play has a simple foundation.
    2. The play has reached its distinction through the author’s clever treatment.

  6. The Valuable Plot Material
    1. The hearts and minds of the people who live in the ordinary walks of life contain a wealth of valuable plot material.
    2. The warmth of human affection and the subjects that find the whole world kin are the real source of every fruitful plot germ.

The Success of Daddy Long-Legs

Key Idea: The most important factor in any situation is the one that will have the most impact on the outcome.

Summary: Thomas Hardy’s novel Tess of the D’Urbervilles was adapted for the screen by the Famous Players Company. The stage version of the story was far superior to the film adaptation, even though the film had enough plot and action to make it interesting.

  1. The Play “Daddy Long-Legs”
    1. The play “Daddy Long-Legs” was adapted from the story by Jean Webster.
    2. Thomas Hardy’s “Tess of the D’Urbervilles” was made into a screen adaptation by the Famous Players Company, but the stage version was far superior.

  2. The Play’s Success
    1. The play was a huge success, appealing to audiences everywhere.
    2. The story is simple but touching, and resonates with people of all ages.
    3. The stage adaptation was even better than the movie version, thanks to the strong writing and performances.

  3. The Screen Adaptation’s Failure
    1. The screen adaptation of the story by the Famous Players Company was not as successful as the stage version.
    2. The stage version of the story was far superior to the picture.
    3. The stage version of the story contained more action and plot than the screen adaptation.

  4. Thomas Hardy’s Style
    1. Thomas Hardy is a master of style.
    2. Thomas Hardy is a writer of pure English.

The Importance of Plot in a Story

Key Idea: The single most important factor in determining the success of a novel is its plot.

Summary: Thackeray and Scott are two authors who wrote during a time when women were either seen as saints or devils. However, both authors wrote with conviction that not all women fit into these two categories. Thackeray’s novel, Vanity Fair, is an excellent example of plot development, in spite of the fact that it is difficult to adapt to the screen. Scott’s novel, Ivanhoe, was adapted to the screen by the Imp Company and made into a very pretty picture.

  1. The Importance of Plot
    1. Plot is the most important element of a story.
    2. A good plot must be well-developed, with interesting and believable characters.
    3. A good plot should have a strong conflict, and a resolution that is both satisfying and believable.

  2. The Three Parts of a Plot
    1. A plot should be interesting and entertaining.
    2. A plot should be believable.

  3. Making Your Plot Believable
    1. A plot must be believable in order to be effective.
    2. Thackeray and Scott are two authors who write with conviction and provide excellent examples of plot development.
    3. Ivanhoe was adapted to film by the Imp Company and made into a beautiful picture.

  4. Making Your Plot Interesting
    1. A plot must be interesting in order to keep the audience engaged.
    2. A plot must have a beginning, middle, and end in order to be satisfying.

The Realism of Dickens and Eliot

Key Idea: George Eliot’s novels are often about the lives of common people, but they are also imbued with her own tragic life experiences.

Summary: George Eliot was a famous woman writer who wrote stories about the common people. Many of her books are about her own life experiences. She was a master at handling her characters and playing on the emotions of her readers.

  1. The Realism of Dickens
    1. Dickens wrote with a realism that has given him a never-to-be-forgotten place in the annals of the literature of the world.
    2. Dickens’ stories of the poorer classes are immortalized by the late John Bimny.
    3. Many of Dickens’ books are screen material for the reason that so much of their cleverness depends upon the inimitable Dickens description.

  2. The Individuality of George Eliot
    1. George Eliot was a world-famous woman writer.
    2. She endowed each of her stories with a birthright of individuality.
    3. Many of her books are imbued with touches of her own tragic life.

  3. The Tragedy of George Eliot
    1. Many of George Eliot’s books are based on her own tragic life experiences.
    2. Eliot was a master at handling emotions and playing on the readers’ sympathies.
    3. She was an extremely original thinker, with a unique approach to plot construction.

  4. The Mill on the Floss
    1. The Mill on the Floss is based on George Eliot’s own early life.
    2. The story is about a girl who is starved for love and attention.

How to Write a Good Plot

Key Idea: The style of these writers is not as important as their value as photo playwrights. A plot is a plot, whether it be written for a novel, play, or scenario. The reason many of these old-time masterpieces contain so little scenario value is because of the fact that most of their charm lies in the conversation — in other words, they are too talky-talky.

Summary: I am not interested in the style of these writers, only in their value as photo playwrights. I do not want you to copy anyone’s style of expression, any more than I want you to copy another writer’s idea. All I ask is that in studying plot development you read the works of the better class of authors.

  1. What is a Plot?
    1. A plot is a story, usually involving conflict and resolution.
    2. The better class of authors are usually the ones with the better plots.
    3. Plot development is important in order to create a good story.

  2. The Importance of a Good Plot
    1. A good plot is essential to a good story.
    2. A plot should be original and not copied from another writer.

  3. Making Your Plot Original and Interesting
    1. A plot should be original in order to be interesting and well-developed.
    2. A plot should be interesting in order to be well-developed.
    3. A plot should be well-developed in order to be successful.

  4. Different Ways to Develop a Plot
    1. The most important thing is to have a clear idea of what you want to write about.
    2. Once you have a clear idea, you need to develop a structure or framework for your story.

How to Sell Your Script

Key Idea: The most important fact that the reader must know in order to understand the story is the answer to the question, “What is the single most important fact?” WHAT IS THE STORY ABOUT? The story is about a young woman who is trying to find her place in the world. She has just graduated from college and is not sure what she wants to do with her life. She is torn between two choices: she can either go to work for a large corporation or she can start her own business. She is also struggling with her relationships with her family and friends.

Summary: If you want to be a successful screenwriter, you need to develop your own style and create an original story. Your script should be so well-written and compelling that it will catch the attention of even the most skeptical editor. Remember that selling just one script can open up many doors and opportunities in the film industry.

  1. The Importance of a Script
    1. A script is a written work by a screenwriter that is intended to be produced as a movie or television show.
    2. A script must be strong in plot, style, and finish to attract the attention of an editor.
    3. A successful script can lead to a successful career in screenwriting.

  2. Writing an Original and Quality Script
    1. A script must be original in order to stand out to producers.
    2. A script must be of high quality in order to be considered by producers.
    3. A script that is sold can open up many opportunities for the writer.

  3. The Benefits of Selling a Script
    1. A script sold can mean your entrance into the field of successful screenwriters.
    2. Once recognized, your path is much less thorny, your way is clearer.
    3. The chance to dispose of your other photoplays looms in sight like a happy star of hope.

  4. Recognition as a Successful Screenwriter
    1. Being recognized as a successful photo playwright makes it easier to sell your scripts.
    2. Having a strong plot, style, and finish will make your script more attractive to editors.