7 Important Tips for Writing a Movie Script

How to Write a Movie Script Key Idea: You must visualize your story before you write it. Summary: Assuming you have an original idea, you need to visualize your story. Close your eyes and work it out mentally. Don’t rush for paper and pencil until you have placed each character and each scene in your … Read more

5 Important Aspects of Making a Comedy Film

The Most Difficult Photoplay to Make: A Comedy Key Idea: The most difficult photoplay in the world is the good comedy. Summary: It is hard to write a script that is naturally funny, which is why comedies are the most difficult type of movie to make. The funniest comedies are often not the ones that … Read more

16 Important Benefits of Subtitles in Movies

The Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep Key Idea: The leader should be the most important fact in the scene. Summary: Shakespeare’s play, The Merry Wives of Windsor, includes a character who is never named. He is simply referred to as “the dickens.” The Subtitle The subtitle is sometimes called the leader. The subtitle provides … Read more